Recommendations and References from Clients and Colleagues

Creative Director/Copywriter

Evans Strategic Communications

“When we needed a new website for the RAI Group, Sandy had the right creative credentials, references, and awards coming from Ogilvy, but he was not familiar with our businesses and our clients. As soon as he was awarded the job he dug right in, asked the right questions, learned about our businesses and clients, gave our website the right, caring tone of voice, and soon made it apparent that he was not only the right person for the job, but a dependable, and strong partner who got things done, made things happen, and was there when we needed him. With Sandy, you'll get fresh thinking, you'll get creative ideas that will speak to people, but just as important, you'll be hiring someone who cares - about you, about your business, and about completing the job on time. There may not be an award category for dependable, but it sure helps you sleep better at night.” April 6, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, On Time

David Borowitz, Senior Vice President, RAI FINANCIAL GROUP OF NEW JERSEY






“A learned colleague, Sandy was an influence and mentor early in my career. His ability to successfully accomplish any task--from the challenging to mundane--has been covered, so I'll provide an example: I have yet to meet any other writer who was willing to concept (for hours) with an extremely-junior AD on a throwaway mail revise. The result? A client so thrilled with the thinking that a full-scale photo shoot was approved for a simple OE job. I also admire Sandy for following his passions outside the advertising industry--the man never stops learning. Just keep him away from a piano, and he'll make a great addition to any team.” February 6, 2009

Ryan Riccitelli, Art Director



“Great copywriter, extremely versatile, funny and creative, very nice to work with him, highly recommended. July 24, 2006”

Joergen Geerds, Sr. Art Director interactive, Worked directly with Sanford at Ogilvy



Partner, Creative Supervisor

Ogilvy One

“Behind Sandy's twinkling eyes lies an equally twinkling soul. That soul is a terrain, a planet to be explored. And explore it you will as his lucky client. Sanford won't hold back on you. First, he'll barrage you with world-class ideas until your brain aches. Then, he'll zing you with the IMPUDENT idea he really loves -- the one that also happens to be the SMART solution for you -- and you'll open your pocketbook with sheer pleasure.” February 17, 2009

David Levy, Senior Writer / Interactive Creative Lead, Ogilvy New York
 worked directly with Sanford at OgilvyOne



“Anyone who thinks a creative department is the well-oiled machine we tell our clients it is hasn't spent much time working in one. There is a lot of screeching of egos and clashing of temperament that seems to go along with the creation of some profoundly good work. I say this because Sandy was blissfully the exception to this rule. With Sandy, you got the profoundly good work minus the noise. He was the guy you go to with the most difficult tasks and what you got in return was intelligent, strategic, nuanced work. In almost any category. On almost any schedule. Clients were pleased. Account people were thrilled. Life was good. I highly recommend Sandy. January 23, 2009 

Bruce Lee Executive Creative Director, North America, OgilvyOne
 managed Sanford indirectly at OgilvyOne




“First things first, Sandy Evans is a great writer. I've seen him pull big ideas out of the most mundane offerings. I've seen him deliver book-length copy with a consistency of voice that few writers are trained anymore to deliver. All while being cooperative, friendly, helpful, witty... Sandy may shun cliches in his writing, he is every cliche you want on a team. He takes feedback well and if you're smart enough to solicit his, your work will improve, too. 

But perhaps most important if you're a manager dealing with the whacked out issues that go into doing great marcom, Sandy's been in your shoes. I've seen him mentor supervisors through the BS that goes on in an agency, then go off and make his manager's job easier just by holding up his own end so well. I can't recommend a writer more highly.” January 14, 2009

Mark Spector, Partner, Associate Creative Director, OgilvyOne 
worked directly with Sanford at OgilvyOne




“I have nothing but the fondest memories of my time working with Sandy at Ogilvy. He was the guy you would always go to with the most difficult assignments.  He could take the most complicated information - financial, technology, pharma - and make it extremely easy to digest. Not to mention award show worthy. I strongly recommend him.” January 12, 2009

Mark Drossman, Senior Partner, Creative Director, Ogilvy
 worked directly with Sanford at OgilvyOne