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Naomi's Geese | published by Simon & Schuster and available on Amazon 


The One Pound Diet | published by Evans Strategic Communications and available on Amazon 


John Flynn's Diary of The Great Chicago Fire | currently seeking representation


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A few samples of award-winning headlines and copy.

Technology has finally conquered one of medicine's most virulent parasites.  




Not too long ago running a major American city was considered the Second Toughest Job in America. Today, unfortunately, that dubious honor falls on healthcare executives. The challenges are seemly endlessly. Reduce costs. Increase facility and service use. Meet HIPAA requirements. All while maintaining the highest standards of care and healing for your patients in the most fiercely competitive environment health professionals have ever seen.  Under the relentless scrutiny of the government and the media. Fortunately, SMS MedSeries4.e and IBM can offer you quick and dependable relief.  With an information system that uses the power of the Internet to dramatically reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your entire organization by giving physicians and all your healthcare providers easy, but secure, access to critical patient information. Speeding the process of treatment and healing.


Want to know more? Call IBM. We think you'll agree that our solution and service is just what the doctor ordered.   

If you thought talking to your kids about sex was difficult wait until the subject of computers comes up.


Face facts.  They probably know more than you.  About computers, the Internet or anything having to do with fast-changing technology. (And probably a lot more about sex than you wanted to admit to yourself.) But not to worry.  Because if your kid’s questions about computers or high-tech make you uncomfortable, IBM PC Direct can help provide you with answers. 


(As for the stuff about the birds and bees – sorry, that’s up to you.)

Your heart keeps a record of everything you eat.


Quietly.  Continuingly.  Unfailingly.  You might forget.  But it doesn’t. And years later it might rudely remind you that eating too many fried and fatty food isn’t such a good idea. But here’s a delicious and cholesterol-free suggestion. New Mediterranean-inspired, Fleischmann’s Olive Oil spread. With sea salt. On bread, pasta, vegetables and in your favorite recipes. With fewer calories and less saturated fat than butter or other spreads. Fleischmann's Olive Oil spread. Just one of the ingredients - like regular exercise, not smoking, watching your weight, and smart, daily diet decisions - that go into living a healthy life. Something to think about and remember. 


Because if you don't, your heart will.   

If it took six days to create the world, why should it take four weeks to get a loan?


Some banks must think you have forever when you ask for a business loan. So why go to some banks? Come to Bank Leumi. We're an Israeli bank and we mean business. In fact, we've been making quick, customized loans to businesses like yours for years. What we've done for them, we can do for you. How long have we been in business? Let's put it this way. If Noah had needed a loan for the ark, who do you think he would have gone to?


It doesn't take a miracle to get a quick business loan. It just takes a Bank Leumi.

“Of course I’m sure, I read it in BusinessWeek.”


Information is power.  And none are more keenly aware of that maxim than corporate decision-makers who closely follow the economic actions, reactions, and inaction of Washington.  Recognizing top management's need for an unobstructed view of the Potomac, BusinessWeeks’s Washington bureau is the largest of any business magazine. With 27 editors and reporters covering the White House. Congress. Regulation. Defense. Economic policy. And more. At BusinessWeek we start with the facts. But are keenly aware that insight only comes after analysis.  And that the only clear picture is the whole picture. That’s why BusinessWeek is read so thoroughly and quoted so often by leaders in business and government.  And why our advertisers share a common trait with our readers. 




BusinessWeek.  The Voice Of Authority.